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Design Concept

"Indiana" design by Brian Korte. 30" wide x 45" high. Full color. 13,830 Lego parts.


I really appreciate your follow-up with me! I took some time today to work out the design in a way that works with Legos. I'm very happy with how this design worked out! I took your suggestions and cropped out all the other people, and due to the Lego color limitations, I reduced the background to black to make everything else jump out.

The piece will be assembled on a framed wooden base to securely hang on a wall. The frame is designed to be minimal so the Lego mosaic appears to "float" from the wall by an inch or so.

(see an example of the frame's "float" here ) Your mosaic would be this tall, but 15" less wide than the one pictured.

We can make this mosaic and frame it for $2,200. The first half is required as a deposit (so we can secure all the materials) and then the remaining is due when the mosaic is ready to ship. Shipping is estimated to start at $100, depending on your level of urgency. We use a Fedex account to keep rates low.

We do accept credit cards via PayPal. If you do not have a paypal account, I would be happy to take you through this secured method of payment. My PayPal account is

Please contact me at or call my cell directly at (804) 502-3983 to get started, and I can get the process going this week, getting the parts needed and plans prepared.

Thank you. I look forward to help making you and your husband smile!


A LEGO mosaic from Brickworkz makes a lasting and memorable gift for you and your loved ones. Contact a Brick Artist for a free estimate today!

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks