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Assembling the Crate

brickworkz lego mosaic

Since my other priority that night was to avoid wood cutting until the Pollards were awake again, I held off on the crate as long as I could. The sun began to rise as I constructed a partial shell of the crate with the previously-cut parts. My drill battery died on me, so I scavenged Jeff's tools. :-) (thanks, Jeff!)

Off in the distance, I heard a construction crew banging and sawing away on a new neighborhood house. That was all the "green light" I needed to begin cutting again. I furiously banged out 28 angled pieces with my mitre saw to use as supports.

With a shell created, I gave my shoulder a break (for a while there, I was sure I had done some permanent damage to my shoulder- it was aching and throbbing for several hours!) and started wrapping up the LEGO mosaic, first in shipping cling-wrap to keep it all assembled and tight together, then in bubble wrap for padded protection, then again in cling wrap. (That ought to be fun to disassemble. Good luck, fellas!)

I opened the garage door and started putting the pieces together outside. The sun warmed up the chilly morning and I took advantage of the extra space the driveway had to offer. I hammered and drilled until I had nothing left in me.

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks