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Saying Goodbye

brian korte lego mosaic

When I came back outside, I got my second wind and found the strength to hoist the huge OSB wood up into place for drilling. At this point, I had been up 24 hours and was grateful that I didn't have any more sawing to do, since being careless with a power tool was within the realm of possibility!

I secured the huge sheets of plywood to the edges with screws, not nails. This way, the crate could be re-used to get the mosaic from California to Israel. I went inside to post a blog entry on the project for the guys in Israel and then sat down for the first time in a day.

BAM BAM BAM...I woke up to loud knocking on the door, but I don't remember anything about it, except that it happened. I fell so deeply asleep after working the all-nighter that the first thing I remember was being out on the driveway with the truck driver working to load the crate onto the truck's enormous lift gate.

guy-and-crate.jpg I somehow remembered my camera and took some final farewell shots of the crate being hoisted and secured in place on the truck. The driver did most of the lifting. He was a friendly guy, maybe 50, with a tattoo that read "Mother" on his arm. heh. As big as the crate was (84" long, 80" high, 28" deep, probably 350+ pounds), it looked tiny once loaded in the truck.

I saw the mosaic drive off and cleaned up the garage.

That was it. It was done, and out of my hands.

The flashbacks of starting the project, ordering all of those parts and looking at all of the baseplates in my apartment all came rushing back to me. Great memories of the Brickworkz "helperz" coming over to help me with the project washed over me like a wave. It felt good to say goodbye. I know hundreds, if not thousands of people will enjoy this mosaic at the conference and beyond. And that's the beauty of LEGO. We all immediately tie in our own LEGO memories when we see something like this.

Just wait. You'll see what I mean.

A LEGO mosaic from Brickworkz makes a lasting and memorable gift for you and your loved ones. Contact a Brick Artist for a free estimate today!

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks