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The Build, Day 3

lego mosaic brian korte

Today's build was delayed for several hours while I traveled to Northern Virginia for more white plates. I noticed yesterday that I was running out, and since some of my packages still haven't arrived, I wanted to be sure I would still have something to work with.

So today, I spent about 3 hours at the LEGO store, trying to cram as many plates into the "fill it yourself" pick-a-brick cups. They told me I could stack the plates to cram more in (getting my money's worth) and since I had the time while my friends were furniture shopping, I took them up on it.

Jeff and Olivia came over for about 5 hours to help me build tonight. (thanks guys!) We have three icons left, then it's just finishing "Dapper" as well as the big logo and filling in the rest of the white plates.

oh, and creating a vertical stand to hang this from. I finished the design plans in the car on the way up to the LEGO store, and will visit the hardware store to see how much the extra parts will cost.

Start time: 6pm End time: 1:30am

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks

lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks