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Time-Lapse Video Complete!

Click the "play" button to view the movie!

The video of the Dapper LEGO mosaic project is now online! 2,274 still images comprise the time-lapse video. Each picture is displayed .03 seconds at a time. It makes for a pretty entertaining movie. :-)

The camera changes positions a few times- first, when the mosaic was raised on a higher platform. (I raised the mosaic to test the vertical stand while it was laying on sawhorses.) The next time the camera changes angles is when the mosaic was moved to the Pollards' garage. It first laid horizontally, and then gets hoisted onto it's vertical stand for the finishing touches.

...all in 1 minute and 36 seconds. What's not to love!?


Special thanks again to the Brickworkz helperZ: Olivia, Jeff, Chris, Paul, Karen, Meghan, Chris R, Nick, Corbin, Donna, Leslie, Steve & Ken - You can really see them workin' fast here! :-)

That's cool!!

Are you're kidding me??!!!!!!! You've gone over the edge again. Awesome - I stand amazed AGAIN!!!!!

That is really awesome! I love the song you picked to go with it, too.

That was fun, if you missed it. Look for the jousting legos.

Any word on how the expo went Brian?

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks