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Jeff & Olivia: Take 2!

Revisiting the Genesis for Brickworkz


My first LEGO mosaic was "The Pollards," an attempt to capture Jeff and Olivia in LEGO. I thought it was good at the time, but it really lacked a lot of detail that I've learned to harness now that I've got a system down with Brickworkz.

It was always a goal of mine to revise this project with my new knowledge applied and see if i could improve upon the original design. The above image is the plan, to convert a more recent photo of the two of them (one that they like ahead of time) and revise it to a smaller size, yet better-detailed and better contrasted LEGO mosaic.

Here is my story:

The first whack

LEGO mosaic

I took the first whack at the project while pitching Brickworkz to passers-by at the Brickworld LEGO event in Chicago. I find it's always best to get attention by actually doing something at a vendor booth, as opposed to sitting around. :-)

End of a day's work

creative lego art

After the first day of work, during AFOL day (that's "Adult Fans of LEGO" to you), this is the result. I spent more time getting my booth ready for the weekend, where thousands of people would come to the booth, having never seen a mosaic before. (for AFOLs, mosaics are 'been there, done that')

Progress from Day 2

lego builder brian korte

Public Day at Brickworld was a great success. Here's the first progress shot of the morning. I worked on this project from 9am to 4pm, only stopping to look up occassionally and shake hands, pass out my business card, and then got right back to work. :-) It's already starting to take shape!

Olivia's head starting to take shape

brickworkz lego mosaics

I remembered some time around noon to take another progress photo. This one has Olivia's head a bit more defined. The crowds are really enjoying this. Parents are pulling their kids over to explain that this mosaic will look like the photo I had displayed in front.

Mid-day Progress

lego mosaic

It's 3pm and my shift here is almost done. I've been on my feet since 9am, and there is light at the end of this tunnel! This is so fun, but exhausting too. I love meeting people and showing them what I do here, but it can wear a guy out! The mosaic looks really tight now, and I'm enjoying seeing the reactions that people have as they approach this piece.

Day 3 at Brickworld

brian korte lego mosaic brickworkz

Sunday morning is the final public day (and official last day) of Brickworld here in Chicago. This morning, I took a shot of the progress from last night's work. Now, even the little kids can tell what this is. I keep getting asked if Jeff is me.

"No," I tell them. "I can't possibly look that goofy." hehee.

The Wedding Vail

brian korte

Did some more work on the wedding vail (sp?) and really like how that contrast of white makes the rest of the piece more balanced. The whole project is going to be laid-out really well with this kind of detail on contrast.

I just scored the mother-lode at the LEGO store in bags of dark gray pieces. After seeing the background of this project, I think anyone could see why I was concerned. Thank God for the Brickworld LEGO discount! Yee haw!!

Last shot from Brickworld


I'm about to wrap things up for the weekend here in Chicago. Before I do, I'll have an AFOL take my picture with the project for posterity. That's the only drawback to coming here alone- I still have to do all the Brickworkz PR. :-)

This has really come together in a short time-frame. I've been staring at this project so long that everything is starting to look like little squares to me. :-) My callouses are back on my fingers, but I'm ready for a break.

Farewell from Chicago

brickworkz brickworld

a quick photo was taken from a friendly couple who came to the booth. I taught their kids how to make a mosaic, and in return, they took this photo.

...Nice people out there in Chicagoland.

Took the project to Asheville...


After a week-long break, I took the project down to Asheville to work on things a bit during a visit with my folks. I worked on this while watching some amazing shows on Discovery HD Theater. Man, I love that channel!

Just a bit more to do...


After working on the project for such a long time, it was nice to take a break, stand up and walk around a bit. I got my camera and grabbed this photo of the progress. A few minutes later, my folks came downstairs to help me finish it off.

We ended up taking the whole thing upstairs to watch a fascinating show on (coincidentally) crafty people who made a living from their artwork. Very neat show.

Almost 100% complete!


With the final piece plunked in, my folks and I called it a night. I see just a few things I want to tweak before getting this prepped and hung for display, but otherwise am extremely happy with how the piece turned out.

I hope they'll enjoy it too! They've been such great supporters!

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks