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About Brickworkz
(or... "You do WHAT for a living?")

Brian Korte poses with LEGO mosaics from Brickworkz LLC

The idea of Brickworkz began in 2004 when artist Brian Korte wanted to create art and conversation pieces for people from a unique medium- LEGO. Most of us played with LEGO toys when we were younger- in fact, LEGO reports that this year more than 400 million people around the world will play with LEGO bricks. Brickworkz LEGO mosaic portraits are for those of us with a special place in our hearts for our LEGO memories, as well as an appreciation for unique contemporary art.

lego art team building event marketing vendor booth creative innovation lego artist-in-residence
Brickworkz founder Brian Korte, pictured above with his castle-themed layout of LEGO creations at age 10.

Brick artist Brian Korte got his first LEGO set early in his childhood. Korte's creative drive has only increased since then, spanning into painting, wood working, cross stitching, creative writing, video production and more.

After earning a B.S. in Advertising and M.B.A. in Technology Management, Korte moved to Richmond, Virginia and started an consulting business focused on IT, marketing and design. Despite the busy days and nights, Brian found relaxation in creative outlets. In 2004, when a cross-stitching project completed, Korte looked elsewhere for an outlet. Two friends were about to be married. Brian looked to LEGO for a wedding gift, and soon his first Lego mosaic portrait was created.

For the second time in his life, Brian was hooked on LEGO.

Brickworkz LLC officially began in January 2006. Korte tapped into his web and design experience to create the website and some business cards, which were passed around locally in Richmond, Virginia. With no advertising beyond word of mouth and some fortunate press coverage early on, word quickly spread about Brickworkz. Not long after, Korte received inquiries from all over world. A few months in, a request came in from an Israeli company (now owned by Yahoo!) and they became our first international customer.

In 2007, Brickworkz was commissioned to design a Guinness World Record-breaking Lego mosaic, the "Largest Lego image" in the world! The piece was more than 44 ft long x 22 ft high, and contained more than 1,200,000 LEGO parts. In 2009, artist Brian Korte was honored to receive the Theresa Pollak award for creativity in the Applied Arts. He was a nominee for the MUSE awards, a peer-judged honor for creative business ventures in Virginia. Korte serves the Richmond community as an adjunct professor teaching Lego art camp classes for children at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

lego art event marketing vendor booth creative innovation lego artist-in-residence
Brick artist Brian Korte, creates a Lego mosaic at the grand opening of Johnson & Johnson's Center for Innovation in Boston.

Today, we design commissioned LEGO art for individual families and companies all over the world. Lego mosaic designs are still hand-made with the quality that Brian Korte demands. Brickworkz helps Event Marketing companies by drawing crowds to our public Lego builds. We have extensive trade show expertise and experience for companies looking for creative activities for event attendees. Brickworkz collaborates with professional photographers for magazine publications. We lead Lego-themed team building events for businesses. And of course, we still design custom commissioned art for people just like you, all over the world.

Lego portraits by Brickworkz have been crucial plots in marriage proposals. Our Lego portraits are featured in wedding receptions. We've welcomed new babies. We regularly surprise spouses for anniversaries and birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, and Christmas presents. We've celebrated and cherished the memories of lost loved ones. We've helped families grieve the loss of Lego fans in their lives. Our art unites families. Our Lego portraits start conversations. We ignite creativity.

You should take a look at some commissioned pieces in the Gallery and learn more about how a Brickworks LEGO mosaic is made. Get to know Brian better using social media like Facebook or Twitter, or even Pinterest, if that's your thing. But most of all, just get in touch with us. Learn how we can warm your home with a Lego portrait, or greet customers with beautiful lobby art for your company, or help you find the gift for the person who has everything. It all starts with a simple contact form, and we will take it from there.

Do you want to link your website to Brickworkz? Check out our banners and buttons!

lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks

lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks