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Link to Brickworkz from your site!

Want to share the love? Below are some *Authorized Brickworkz logos and banners that you can put on your own web site. Directions are included below. And don't forget to share your website with us! New: Add us to your MySpace and Twitter too!

lego mosaic Brian Korte lego art
Black 468 x 60Animated, Black 468 x 60

Black 468 x 60Black 468 x 60
White 468 x 60White 468 x 60
Animated, Black 80 x 31
Animated, 80 x 31
Animated, White 80 x 31
Animated, 80 x 31
Black 80 x 31
Black 80 x 31
White 80 x 31
White 80 x 31
Text Link: Copy & Paste into your HTML:
<a href="">BrickworkZ LEGO mosaics</a>
richmond art corporate logo portrait

How to put these banners on your site:

Download the banner you want (above) to your computer. Here's how:

  1. Right-click on the banner you want on your site. (Mac users, CTRL-click.)
  2. Pick "Save Picture As..." or "Download Image to Disk."
  3. Save the banner to your desktop.

Upload the banner to your site and change your HTML. Here's how:

  1. Transfer the image to your site (Use FTP or your web host's "Upload" tool)
  2. Copy & Paste the following code to your HTML:

    <a href=""><img
    src="BANNER'S_FILENAME width="WIDTH" height="HEIGHT"
    border="0" alt="BrickworkZ LEGO mosaics"></a>

Don't forget to change the "src", "width" & "height" tags!

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks