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Cargill LEGO Mosaic

( 5' x 2.5' )      

Welcome to the Cargill page on!

If this is your first visit to Brickworkz, please enjoy and take a look around. There are more LEGO mosaic examples on the gallery page.

The Cargill project kicks off on June 22, where the employees of Cargill, Inc. will autograph a LEGO tile and make their mark on the LEGO mosaic. The pieces will be shipped back to the Brickworkz studio, where the autographed parts will surround a giant Cargill logo in a Brickworkz LEGO mosaic.

This is an approximation of what the mosaic will look like with about 800 signatures on 2 x 2 tiles, surrounding the mosaic.

This page will be updated throughout the build, so please check back!

Signed Tiles have Arrived!

cargill LEGO mosaic project -employee signatures on LEGO tiles

Great news! The LEGO tiles have arrived and were sorted last week. We've got 664 signed tiles from employees of Cargill. The next step is to get the base plates ready and start building!

These tile pieces will become the border of the LEGO mosaic. There will be blank tiles incorporated as well, for future hires and others who couldn't sign to get a second chance to be a part of the project.

Baseplate Layout

brickworkz lego art

This morning, I laid out the baseplates to demonstrate the scale of the project. That's a 15-lb dumbbell next to the plates! Today, these plates will get mounted to a framework of wood for stability in shipping and hanging on the wall. Once everything's dry, the building begins!

Not far now!!

Framed and Glued


The wood frame and baseboard is now ready, with the base plates individually glued. I use LEGO bricks to accurately space the base plates. After all, butting them right up against each other wouldn't create the correct spacing. The ways LEGO connect requires a .02" gap, and the easiest way to simulate the gap is to just use bigger LEGO bricks!

Everything's in place. Camera's ready on the ceiling for the movie... parts are in and ready...

Tonight we build!

The Checkerboard


With the framework complete and the baseplates mounted and perfectly level, we began the build last week. Starting with the border, we placed the autographed LEGO tiles down, separated by a 2 x 2 white lego plate. This essentially created a checkerboard pattern that keeps the overall image looking light-colored and still makes the signatures visible.

Build party progress


The math used in the design phase proved to be 100% accurate, and all the signatures were completed in an even pattern throughout the layout. For future expansion, we included 122 additional blank white tiles for signatures once the piece is sent to Cargill.

Also in this photo, you can see the start of the Cargill logo. That should be completed within the next day or so, along with the white background.

The whole time, we've been capturing photos from along the way and will compile them for a fun video at the end. Anyone have a favorite song to use for the video? Right now, we're thinking of using "so happy together" ... use the comments feature below to offer your suggestions!

Day 3 Progress


The LEGO mosaic is coming along nicely!

I got the music ready for the video, and will work on that when the project is complete. I'm sure the mosaic will be done in the next day or two and ship out by Friday. This is looking great! I'm excited for the employees at Cargill who get to enjoy this!

Almost Done!


Yesterday's progress included getting most of the Cargill logo complete, and much of the white background layered out. I opted for a cross-pattern, so there would not be any visible seams between LEGOs, and no noticeable patterns either- it was a lot like putting together a puzzle!

Project complete! Now to ship....


At 4:30 today, I put in the last piece of the project. Looks pretty great! I'll get some more photos soon with some scale, to accent the size of the mosaic, before wrapping and shipping it out. Then, it's off to work on the making-of video. Should be fun!!

This sucker is BIG!!


Once the final touches were complete, I took this photo, holding up the mosaic. It stretches about 5.5 feet long and weighs in around 25lbs, because of the sturdy wooden framework.

The Time-lapse Video

Click the "play" button to view the movie!

Don't miss the making-of video, hosted on YouTube!

The project organizer at Cargill, Jackie Lopez, said that Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" was a theme of Cargill's recent employee event. I used that theme, edited the song for length, and used the photos taken by the ceiling camera every 30 seconds to comprise this video.


A LEGO mosaic from Brickworkz makes a lasting and memorable gift for you and your loved ones. Contact a Brick Artist for a free estimate today!

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks