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Dandelion project

Project: Vanessa

LEGO mosaic art

The original idea was to make this photo: an X-ray image of a dandelion blowing in the wind. In order to make this fit on the appropriately sized LEGO base, I changed the angle of the "achenes" (yea, I had to look that up) so that they blew away at a 90-degree angle. The image was then cropped and converted to the 5-shade grayscale used for LEGO mosaic building.

Design approved and ready!

christmas gift lego art lego gift

With this design now approved and ready to build, I dug through my inventory and began the building process.

Calling in the troops!


With only a few days to turn this project around, I called in reinforcements. Chris, one of my helpers, came over and helped me make good time on the project. In fact, we worked so quickly that I didn't even remember to get out the camera until the first plate was completely done!

3rd plate completed

lego mosaic art creative gift

Because of the all-white background, Chris made short time of the 3rd plate. Oh, and the pink squares were used to keep the plates connected while we built- something that would make the time-lapse video much cooler. Stay tuned for that...

Happy Birthday

creative gift lego art

To make up for the missing photos during the build process, I added a "secret message." This also proved to be very cool during the time-lapse video. Since this mosaic was intended as a gift, I thought everyone would enjoy seeing this as a discreet reminder whenever they watch the video.

Another progress photo

lego gift art creative lego mosaic custom

Here's another shot of the progress. One more good hour of building left before this is complete!

Bam! Time to dry...

lego mosaic lego art

With the mosaic completed, I needed to hurry and create the frame so everything would have time to dry before shipping it out on thursday. Here, you see the pink pieces keeping the plates together as the drying process begins.

Mantle-piece worthy!

lego art brian korte

With the design now framed-up and dry, I hung the completed piece over my fireplace for some photos just in case I don't get to see what it looks like when it's hanging on the customer's wall.

Signing the piece

lego mosaic art brian korte

With everything else completed, I created my standard LEGO mosaic signature, a hidden raised mark of my initials and the date. Looking at the piece straight-on, it's nearly impossible to see (so it doesn't detract from the original design too much)

Movie: the making of

Interested in seeing this whole piece come together as it was built? I set up the Brickworkz studio cam to record a photo every 45 seconds for this time-lapse movie. (We had some white balance issues, so please bear with it!) Click the PLAY button to enjoy!


brian korte lego mosaic

Thanks for visiting the Dandelion project! If you are interested in a LEGO mosaic of your own, or know someone who would flip over a unique holiday gift, let us know so we can get a jump on the holiday rush!

Brian Korte

A LEGO mosaic from Brickworkz makes a lasting and memorable gift for you and your loved ones. Contact a Brick Artist for a free estimate today!

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks