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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, when someone discovers Brickworkz, we get a few very common questions. So, we created this FAQ page to help answer some of them. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact a brick artist!

LEGO Mosaic Questions

What is used to make these mosaics?

The LEGO mosaics from Brickworkz are made using genuine LEGO® parts, not some knock-off brand. We only build with new materials to ensure premium quality and color for your Lego portrait over the years.

Are the LEGO pieces glued on?

Unless there is a special request, the LEGO parts are not glued for Brickworkz mosaic projects. We do this for several reasons, the primary reason being the doubling of build-time involved. The LEGO Company advises that LEGO parts can be a choking hazard to children under the age of four. In cases where a commissioned LEGO mosaic is built for a young child's environment, care must be given to placement of the mosaic to ensure safety. Contact a brick artist and we'll let you know all about our safety recommendations.

How much does a LEGO mosaic cost?

The quick answer: It depends. We order our LEGO parts from sources all over the world to find the best prices, and order parts in mass quantities to keep the costs down, but in many cases, the value of the LEGO parts can be costly. When you contact a brick artist with a photo or an idea, we provide a price quote based on the current value of the materials and our creation time.

I see a lot of Gray-scale mosaics in your Gallery. Do you also do color?

Yes! Color mosaics are often a vibrant option to the traditional grayscale LEGO mosaic. Availability and color choice are limited to the available LEGO palette, however, so please contact a brick artist to discuss your idea. We can let you know for sure.

How does the mosaic hang on the wall?

Wonderfully! For our large-scale LEGO mosaics, we mount our art onto a solid wooden backing, which is picture-frame hanger ready. Of course, for durability over time, we recommend the stronger 50-75 lb. hangers, even though most mosaics weigh less than 15 lbs.

How it Works

How much time does the whole process take?

This also depends on several factors. (and bear with us, answering a question with a question) Do you have a design already in mind? Many customers have general ideas which take some time to develop into designs. Do you have an urgent need? For "rush jobs," we have been known to whip up mosaics in a hurry for a RUSH Fee (which we promptly spend on ice packs to cool our swollen LEGO fingers down!) How big is the final piece? Obviously, the larger the piece is, the longer it will take to build. Contact a brick artist and we can let you know the estimated duration of your project when we have a better idea of these questions in your specific case.

How fast do you work?

Really quickly! Haven't you seen the videos!? :-) Seriously though... each baseplate takes anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on the design complexity, so this is another "it depends" answer. Contact a brick artist with your design idea and we can let you know for sure.

What are your payment methods?

The online world is a great one! We process credit cards, debit cards, money orders, certified checks, e-Checks, and personal checks (with a waiting period) All electronic payments are made through PayPal, an extremely easy, secure and reliable online banking center. International payments and currency exchanges are all made convenient and easy to use.

Can you ship the completed mosaic to me?

Yep! Over the years, we have developed some pretty 'crafty' custom-sized boxes for shipping. We know how important it is for the artwork to arrive completely 100% intact. We wouldn't have it any other way. Our mosaics arrive securely wrapped and packed, boxed and shipped to your home or office. Just let us know what you prefer!

Questions About Brickworkz

Do you work for LEGO, or is this a hobby?

Neither, actually. LEGO does not officially endorse 3rd party companies like Brickworkz (although we have gotten some great compliments and referrals from some LEGO employees!) And as for Brickworkz being a hobby, well, let's just say that we're way beyond "hobby" now...

Are you hiring? Do you need an assistant?

Sometimes. Because of the nature of the commissioned art world, jobs get more and less intense in their scope all the time. When times are busy, we look for qualified, detail-oriented yet creative helpers who can assist with the creation of a LEGO mosaic for a deadline. Learn about some of our 'helperZ' here, and if you think you have what it takes, contact us and tell us why!

Personal (Brian Korte) Questions

You must have played with LEGO as a kid, right?

You bet! I got my first LEGO set as a hand-me-down from my older brother. I would have to guess I was four or five, but can't be sure. My favorite LEGO "genre" was their castle series. I really enjoyed the castles that were designed to be hidden in forests. I stopped sometime before middle-school and started up again in 2004 when Brickworkz was born.

How long have you been doing this?

The first LEGO mosaic I created was in 2004. It was a wedding present for my good friends Jeff and Olivia. Check it out on the Gallery page. If you mean "how long have you been working on the frequently asked questions page," well, I started at 2am, and it's 3:50am, I'm getting there! :-)

Is this a full time job?

Definitely. It takes quite a bit of time to correspond with current customers, past customers, future customers, gallery representatives, press....all the while working on new designs and building current projects. Oh, and keeping this website up and running. It is important to keep this site fresh! I also coordinate our social media channels.

Can you do...?

I want to surprise someone with a LEGO mosaic. Can you keep the information off the website?

Absolutely. We realize that the gift recipient is probably a huge LEGO fan and might find our site on their own, so we have a secured website that only you and those you tell have access to. Read more about this on our ClientZ page and feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

I'm looking for art for my home or office, but not a portrait. Can you help?

Sure! Photos aren't the only LEGO art designs we can create. In fact, we encourage the creativity. Let us know your style and color preferences and we can take it from there!

Will you come to my event to help promote my product or cause?

We can do that, sure. In fact, we do it a lot! Contact us early on so we can get materials and ideas in place before the event. Our brick artists can perform a live demonstration at your tradeshow event to bring attention to your booth. Our designs draw a crowd, so don't delay- contact us today!

Surely we answered your question.... right? If not, let us know!

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks