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LEGO Mosaic: "Brickworkz Logo"
by Brian Korte 45" x 30" 15,000+ LEGO elements, 6 colors

Click for larger version.

The Brickworkz logo made as a LEGO mosaic is unique to my portfolio because it is my first mosaic that includes 3D elements. The 3D element was created without computer programs or planning.

It took about three weeks on and off to create the brick in the centerpiece, but I wanted it to look just right for the mosaic. I faced some challenges along the way, namely the brick, which not only points outward at a 45-degree angle, but also tilts downward. Capturing that in square block units made for an exceptional challenge.

Another challenge was the weight of the LEGO sculpture in the center. I used bridge elements and arches to create hollow space in efforts to reduce the weight. Extra supports were built-in to the 3D structure to support the additional weight and bolts were used through the center to firmly secure the LEGO sculpture to the mosaic framework. The mosaic was mounted on a wooden backing so it could travel safely to conferences and tradeshows.

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks