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LEGO Mosaic: "Cameron & Owen"
by Brian Korte. 6 colors. 13,824+ LEGO studs.

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Click for larger version.

Brick artist Brian Korte was commissioned to create this portrait as a surprise gift. This LEGO mosaic portrait is a blended design based on two different original photos. We had a special request to capture the energy and spirit of these twin boys, Cameron and Owen.

Since Cameron and Owen are both big fans of the Batman series, and coincidentally were both wearing Batman themed shirts when their photos were taken, I knew I wanted to capture that in a subtle way without overpowering the design.

We ended up using transparent yellow, which would pick up on the darker gray shade beneath the yellow to "muddy" up the color a bit. The traditional LEGO yellow is far too bright/bold for this image. I didn't want Batman to upstage the portrait.

Because of the size of the portrait, we were able to capture so much detail in their faces. You can really get a sense of the boys' animated spirit from just black, white, and three shades of gray!

The Lego mosaic portrait build was captured in time-lapse photography. We sped it up quite a bit and put it to a stirring theme of a movie you might find familiar. Check it out below:

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks