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LEGO Mosaic: "King Tut"
by Brian Korte. 7,100 LEGO parts. 10 colors.

This LEGO mosaic was designed as a class project at the VMFA as a study of color and mosaic technique. We used transparent LEGO colors overlaying a grayscale LEGO mosaic.
Click for larger version.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) is a world-renowned museum in Richmond, Virginia. VMFA hosts a number of summer art camps for children, and I was honored to teach a camp of 10-12 year olds for a week. Together, we learned about the history of mosaics, learned techniques and the math/science of planning a mosaic project, drew inspiration from pieces within the VMFA galleries and ultimately worked on a group project as a class over a number of days.

This Lego mosaic was inspired by perhaps the most popular tomb recovered from Ancient Egypt. And it's ironic that the most famous Pharaoh for modern times, because he was a little-known Pharaoh in his own times (which is why grave robbers left it alone).

The shading and gold tones made this a perfect model for a Lego mosaic, which was created first by working on a gray scale design, then by overlaying transparent colored LEGO parts on top. This gives the luster of jewelry, the shading effect of "gold," despite there not being a LEGO color better suited for gold. I was really pleased at how this turned out. They did a fantastic job working together to build this piece.

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