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LEGO Mosaic: "DaVinci's Archer"
by Brian Korte. 20" x 30" - 5 colors. 6,144 Lego studs.

lego art leonardo davinci warfare lego mosaic sketch archery
Click for larger version.

Leonardo DaVinci was a true Renaissance Man, perhaps the very definition of a Renaissance thinker. During his life, he studied as much as he could about everything from art to medicine. One of DaVinci's specialties was warfare - he was paid to invent methods and tools for war, and in his sketches, we learn that he invented tools that we still use today: The helicopter, the submarine, and even the SWAT police shield. His creativity is still regarded by fans of warfare history and fans of DaVinci himself.

Such was the case for my customer's husband. He is a huge LEGO fan and a huge fan of DaVinci's work. His wife contacted Brickworkz and asked if we could create a LEGO mosaic of one of her husband's favorite DaVinci sketches as a surprise birthday present. The portrayal is a soldier, who can shield his body from attack while still shooting an arrow through the shield, almost a perfect defense in battle.

I took this project as a creative challenge. Ordinarily, I would have worked with a portrait and refined it into a Lego mosaic style, but in this case, I was working with a rough sketch. And, considering the age of the original documents, I thought it would be neat to capture the yellowing of the original parchment. So this mosaic quickly became a color scheme of tans and browns.

The final effect looked great, and the customer's husband was thrilled. "He loved the mosaic, as I knew he would." We love to hear that!

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks