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LEGO Mosaic: "Smile!"
by Brian Korte 60" x 30" 18,440 LEGO parts, 7 colors

Click for larger version.

At 5 feet long and containing some very vibrant colors, this is one bold LEGO mosaic. Commissioned for Dr. Ed Owens, a dentist in Williamsburg, Virignia, this piece was actually modeled from Dr. Owens' wife Wendy. We had a mini photoshoot (which is to say that I took some photos of her smile) and I worked a design from the photos.

Dark red and pink 1 x 1's are rare to come by. It took a bit longer to aquire the rare pieces. They're definitely worth it, as they really accent this piece. Photos of the build's progress are documented at the client site.

The building process of this LEGO mosaic were captured using stop-motion animation. Every 30 seconds of the build, a photo was taken from a ceiling-mounted camera. Those photos were compiled into the video below.

Click the play button!

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks