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LEGO Mosaic: "Capital One logo"
400 builders. 27,660 Lego studs.

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In March 2014, Brickworkz served Capital One in the capacity of providing a creative team building project for attendees of an event at their headquarters in McLean, Virginia. In addition to creating commissioned LEGO mosaic portraits and company logos, brick artist Brian Korte facilitates corporate team building activities.

At this event, we facilitated a team build of the Capital One logo, made with tens of thousands of LEGO bricks. (The total piece covered more than 20,000 LEGO studs.) Attendees worked together on assembling the Lego mosaic portrait during the breaks between sessions at the event.

As always happens with team building events, something spectacular manifested itself as a challenge. Two associates discovered that other builders started a portion of the Lego mosaic just slightly in error. Even though these two associates worked in different different departments, they seamlessly collaborated in troubleshooting the issue, determining where others had started in error, then determined the most efficient method of fixing the issue. (An undo and rebuild would have taken hours with hundreds of parts to remove/replace).

As an experienced group LEGO build facilitator, I kept my distance so these two could determine the best course of action. A bystander came and questioned their actions. The conversation went like this:

Bystander: "You're adjusting the plan?"
Female associate: "We are just improvising."
Male associate: "Yes, we had to. We had to improvise."
Bystander: "You're kidding me. You've got to follow the plan!"
Male associate: "We had no choice."
Bystander: "There's always a choice!"
Female associate: "We had to improvise a plan. That is our choice."

...Couldn't have said it better myself!

And so, we began rebuilding according to their new plan of action. When they ultimately solved the problem together, I learned that these two had never played with LEGO before in their lives! They told me before they left town from the event that they were going to swing by the LEGO store. Adapting plans, collaborating, and having fun? Now, that's what I call a success story!

From our customer:

I'd like to thank Brian for all his hard work in developing our new beautiful mosaic! Not only did he deliver a well thought out template for our Capital One logo mosaic, but he also offered excellent customer service by showing up at the event, helping us man the booth, and packaging up the mosaic to ship it to its new home - where it's proudly displayed on the wall in our CIO area. Everyone who comes by always comments on it and has to go up and touch it. [The mosaic] has brought a lot of fun and collaboration to our area.

As Brian mentions, this was a true team building event, and everyone enjoyed adding a brick to help build our logo. Thanks again Brian, we enjoyed working with you and we love our Lego mosaic.

-Tara Lloyd, Capital One IT Communications

If you have a need for a creative team building event for your organization, please contact us and learn more about how Brickworkz can be a partner for collaboration and fun!

brian korte brick artist

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks