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LEGO Mosaic: "Travellin' Man"
by Brian Korte 30" x 45" 13,824 LEGO elements, 5 colors

Click for larger version.

This piece was inspired by a 15-day 4,500 mile road trip I took in 2004. The road trip focused primarily on Texas and New Mexico, where I hunted more than a week for a good pair of cowboy boots.

On my way home from Los Alamos, NM, I decided that I could see more of the country before coming home, so I headed north to Fargo, ND. I had a couple of opportunities to find the right boots along the way, first at Sheplers, a cowboy outfitter, and then at their headquarters in Kansas. No dice. They had the boots, but not in my size.

When I gassed up in Minnesota, I found the exact boots I was looking for at a truck stop! I broke them in by driving with them and posed for this photograph near Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin that showed off my new kicks. To me, the photo was symbolic of my road trip experience, and within a few months of returning home, I designed this mosaic from the photograph to remember my travels forever.

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