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How a Brickworkz LEGO mosaic is made

The brick artists at Brickworkz can create a LEGO mosaic from a photograph or drawing - or your imagination! We do this by rapidly replying to your inquiry and taking you step-by-step through our process. An overview of the Brickworkz process is below!

The Idea

When you contact us to commission a LEGO mosaic, we respond right away to work with you on your ideas. If you have photographs or even sketches of your idea, we begin to design your LEGO mosaic to show you an example. This step costs nothing to try. The completed design is a representation of what the artwork will look like, made from thousands of tiny tiled LEGO squares. Use our form to get started

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Once your idea has been demonstrated as a LEGO mosaic, the next step is for you to approve the design. When your design looks just right, we will send you a quote for the LEGO mosaic. A deposit is required to secure the LEGO parts needed for your mosaic. That deposit goes toward the total cost and is non-refundable. In many cases, we already have the LEGO parts in stock and can begin the next step immediately!


Now the fun really begins! But not just for us - Brickworkz is a collaboration experience! Once the parts are in-stock, we begin building! As we work, we post photos and descriptions of the progress in the 'Clientz' area. People really enjoy seeing their LEGO mosaic come together, so we offer a way for you share the progress with anyone you want! The 'Clientz' area keeps your LEGO mosaic project private too, if you intend on surprising someone with the LEGO mosaic. (Visit the 'Clientz' area for more information.)

a "Creation" example


Once your LEGO mosaic is ready, we will contact you to discuss delivery & shipment methods. A final remainder payment will be due at this time. If you are located near Richmond, VA, we can deliver and install your LEGO mosaic personally if you would prefer.* Our LEGO mosaics can usually be hung with a sturdy picture hanger, but our brick artists can help you with that decision!


In addition to the LEGO mosaic you commission from Brickworkz, we also offer fun extras! After delivery, we provide you with a placard with fun information about your mosaic.

  • Receive a book for your coffee table or office lobby displaying "making-of" photos and fun facts about your LEGO mosaic!
  • Promote your cause! If you choose, we can list your web site in our Gallery.
  • Whenever possible, we assemble your LEGO mosaics with a web cam, taking photos of your mosaic at regular intervals for a time-lapse video! Visit the Videos page for examples.

We want you to be completely happy with your Brickworkz experience, so if you have any questions before getting started, or want to know more about these steps, please contact us today!

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks