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Put very simply: We HATE spam. We assume you do too. That's the policy. Here's a breakdown of what we mean by this:

Inbound Communications and your Privacy

The info requested that we retain is:

  • Your name ('cause no one likes "hey, you!")
  • your email address (so we can get back to you)
  • your phone number (if we can't get an email to you, or if you prefer talking by phone)
  • your location (not your address... just a general idea. For example, we think it's neat to know that Aussies & Alaskans visit our website.)

...and in the case of the newsletter, your IP address. (we don't keep that or care - it's our mail service that cares for legal CAN-SPAM Act reasons.)

There are a few ways that we receive your information: either you sign up for a newsletter, leave a comment or question using our web form, or email/call us directly. In all three cases, please rest assured that your information stays secure and private and are never sold.

Our inbound emails are stored on a secure server by a very secure, reliable email provider (rhymes with "schmoogle").

If you opt to join the newsletter, your information gets stored in a secured database owned by our mailing service - and please, trust us that we ONLY joined up with them because they hate spam even more than we do. They hold privacy as their utmost priority, and we appreciate that. Neither of us will EVER sell or give your information to anyone!

Outbound Communications and your Privacy

In terms of outgoing contact from Brickworkz, you may be on our newsletter list, so you'll see a newsletter from us - never more than one per month - updating you on company events and recent projects.

The unsubscribe link is at the bottom of every email, and we encourage you to use it if you don't want to receive the email any longer.

To date, we've never had to call anyone by phone who requested something, because our emails have gotten through. We have lost a few people who never left a phone number, and that is frustrating, because we want to help, and had no way to know if they ever got the message. That's why we now collect phone numbers - (but still very rarely, if ever, even use them)

If you feel any communication has been in error or that your privacy has been violated, please contact us immediately so we can fix the situation. We can be located by email (, by phone (785) LEGO-ART, (785) 534-6278 or by mail (please email or call us for a current mailing address.)

Play well,

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lego art brick artist lego gift lego event team building brickworks